2015-2016 Governors' Cup

Team Leaders

PPG: D. Sutton (26.00)
RPG: M. Glover (14.00)
APG: T. Romeo (5.70)
SPG: D. Sutton (2.50)
BPG: J. Washington (0.88)

September 14, 2016 4:15PM
Ynares Center Antipolo
  1st 2nd 3rd 4th
GBP 32 68 109 139
BE 38 70 97 126
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Best Player/s: Joseph Yeo 37pts 4rebs 6asts 9/16 3PT

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PBA firm on coaching exclusivity

September 28, 2016

MANILA, Philippines – The PBA is firm on its rule that no head coach may serve in a similar capacity in any other league. The exclusivity principle has no exception. That’s the word from PBA commissioner Chito Narvasa after consulting with the PBA Board of Governors on the matter recently.

Without being briefed on the rule, Narvasa previously commented that he wouldn’t pose any objection for a PBA head coach to serve as head coach in another league. He said it’s the coach’s look-out if he’s not able to deliver in the PBA or wherever else but he wouldn’t stand in the way of anyone trying to earn more for his family by landing another job. However, that was his personal opinion. When Narvasa found out later that the PBA has an existing rule on head coaching exclusivity, he backed off. There was no indication that for the next season, the rule would be relaxed.

For this reason, GlobalPort consultant Franz Pumaren couldn’t be named the Batang Pier head coach when he took over from Pido Jarencio this conference. Pumaren clearly called the shots for GlobalPort in the Governors Cup. TV coverage of the GlobalPort timeout huddles confirmed it. The problem was Pumaren is concurrently head coach of Adamson University in the UAAP senior men’s tournament. He actually took the Adamson job before GlobalPort.

The anomaly was when GlobalPort won four assignments in the Governors Cup, Pumaren wasn’t called to meet the media in the traditional post-game conference because he’s “just” a consultant. In the next conference, Narvasa said Pumaren may be called in along with whoever is designated as a titular head coach....

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PBA seeks permanent solution to FIBA issue

September 23, 2016

MANILA, Philippines - PBA commissioner Chito Narvasa said yesterday the new FIBA competition format of six home-and-away windows over a two year period to qualify for the 2019 World Cup and 2020 Tokyo Olympics will require a “permanent solution” with the SBP to choose the best players for the national team.

Narvasa said the PBA Board of Governors is solidly behind the SBP’s efforts in forming the most competitive Gilas team possible. “Every PBA player will be available for Gilas,” he said. “I think it should be mandatory for a player to join Gilas if he is chosen because this is for our country. FIBA will inform us of the schedule of the six qualifying windows and the PBA will work around that timetable.”

Narvasa said at the moment, he is leaning towards a common draft for all players on Oct. 30. An option is to hold a split draft where players in the Gilas pool are selected separately from others. That would mean only the rights to the Gilas players will be assigned and they may join the PBA only after their release from the national team....

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Getting strict on landing spot rule

September 22, 2016

PBA commissioner Chito Narvasa is making sure players are aware of the gravity of contact on the landing spot by recently issuing a fresh memorandum calling attention to the commission of flagrant fouls with particular mention of the rule. Narvasa says it’s not just to protect a shooter who’s airborne but also any player in mid-air whether he’s in the act of shooting or passing or rebounding or defending or whatever. The consideration is a player must be off his feet.

No doubt, contact on the landing spot is dangerous and could lead to serious injury. In the ongoing Governors Cup, players who’ve been whistled for this infraction were James White on Sol Mercado, A. J. Mandani on Jimmy Alapag, Maverick Ahanmisi on Arwind Santos, Kris Rosales on Mahmoud Abdeen, Jason Forte on Henry Walker, Allen Durham on Jericho Cruz and Jewel Ponferada on Aldrech Ramos and Mark Yee. Each player paid a fine of P7,500 for the flagrant foul. Ponferada coughed up P17,500 for his two fouls.

Clarifying the rule, Narvasa explains that “a defender who lunges forward and lands more than half a foot from his take-off point and the shooter lands on the defender’s foot, a flagrant foul penalty 1 is called…if the shooter is injured and has to be substituted, the penalty 1 will be upgraded to penalty 2.” Narvasa says an airborne player must be given the chance or space to land safely and the landing spot rule is applicable not only on a shooting situation but also during passing, rebounding and jumpball situations....

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American imports will tilt the balance

September 19, 2016

NLEX import Henry Walker. PBA IMAGESTHE AMERICAN “import” will help decide the fate of the teams looking for a chance to go deep into the playoffs of the PBA Governors’ Cup. Sure, playing as a team will matter and how the starters and the bench players rise to the pressure of knockout games and seven-game showdowns down the road.

But where the eight remaining teams finally end up will be determined largely by how well the American guest player performs. The Asian imports are around but they seem to blend in with the Filipino style of play and have not really been dominant, save for a performance or two in the course of the conference.

The superlative performers have been Phoenix’s Eugene Phelps, Alaska’s LeDontae Henton, Meralco’s Allen Durham, Ginebra’s Justin Brownlee, Mahindra’s James White and NLEX’s Henry Walker. They have been game-changers with two important contributions: scoring in bunches and providing energy to create extra possessions for their teams....

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Back to drawing board for Batang Pier after another early exit

September 15, 2016

GlobalPort Batang Pier. PBA IMAGESJust when everyone thought that GlobalPort has already found the right pieces to contend for a title, it immediately freefalled back to the cellar with early exits in the import-laden conferences.

This getting out of this funk should be the Batang Pier’s first order of business going into the next season.

“Panibagong challenge ito para sa amin. Kailangan mas maging consistent kami kailangan mas nag-iimprove kami,” said Terrence Romeo’s after the Batang Pier’s latest win Wednesday night....

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Team History (Last 10 Conferences)
Conference Win Loss PCT Placing
2015-2016 Governors' Cup 4 7 0.364
2015-2016 Commissioners' Cup 3 8 0.273 12th
2015-2016 Philippine Cup 10 8 0.556 4th
2014-2015 Governors' Cup 7 6 0.538 5th
2014-2015 Commissioners' Cup 4 7 0.364 10th
2014-2015 Philippine Cup 5 7 0.417 8th
2013-2014 Governors' Cup 1 8 0.111 10th
2013-2014 Commissioners' Cup 1 8 0.111 10th
2013-2014 Philippine Cup 5 10 0.333 7th
2012-2013 Governors' Cup 4 6 0.400 5th