McLaren goes orange and black for 2017 (February 25, 2017)
Nate Saunders [ Source: ESPN UK ]


McLaren has gone for a radical departure of its livery of the last two decades, opting for retro orange and black on its 2017 car, the MCL32.

The switch back to the colour, long associated with McLaren and its early days in motor racing, has been rumoured and teased for months since Zak Brown took over as team CEO following Ron Dennis' departure from the McLaren Group. The break from the Dennis era goes further than the livery, with the 'MP4' prefix --standing for Marlboro Project Four and used for its F1 car names since Dennis' arrival in 1981 -- dropped in favour of the all-new MCL.

The car itself features the long sharkfin which has become a characteristic of the new 2017 cars. Also of note are the tiny sidepod air intake inlets, while its airbox -- positioned above the driver's head -- is much smaller than other models released this year. It has also adopted the stubbed nose end favoured by all its rivals except Mercedes.

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Ferrari launches 2017 challenger, the SF70-H (February 25, 2017)
Nate Saunders [ Source: ESPN UK ]


Ferrari has launched its 2017 car, the SF70-H, via an online stream.

The car is the latest to break cover in a week of F1 unveilings, following the launch of the Mercedes W08 on Thursday. A new sharkfin, complete with a T-wing at the top similar to Mercedes' concept revealed yesterday, is painted white, but the rest of the livery has returned to Maranello's iconic Rosso Corsa. Aside from that, there were no radical livery changes from previous years, although the race suits worn by Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen featured a slight white trim.

Mercedes also ran a T-wing ahead of the main rear wing during its filming day on Thursday, although not attached to an sharkfin as with the Ferrari. The opportunity appears to have come about due to a loophole in the rules towards the back of the car.

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Bottas: I'd stay at home if I thought I couldn't beat Hamilton (February 25, 2017)
Laurence Edmondson [ Source: ESPN UK ]


Mercedes' new recruit Valtteri Bottas says he would stay at home if he did not think it was possible to beat teammate Lewis Hamilton.

After four years at Williams, Bottas joined world champions Mercedes over the winter to replace Nico Rosberg, who retired following his championship victory last year. Bottas has not won a race in his Formula One career to date and goes up against arguably the most naturally-talented driver of the current generation in Hamilton, yet the Finn remains quietly confident.

"It doesn't help what I say here, we will see on the track and the stopwatch is not going to lie and we will see very soon how everything goes," he said. "I think that if I couldn't compare or couldn't be quicker than Lewis, I would rather stay at home. I do believe in my skills and I believe it is possible, but I do need to go step by step and day by day. We will take it race by race and then find out, but we will see."

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Toto Wolff says Mercedes' "rules of engagement" will remain in place for Lewis Hamilton and new teammate Valtteri Bottas, albeit with revisions to avoid a repeat of the controversy from Nico Rosberg's time at the team.

Hamilton's last-lap collision with former teammate Rosberg in Austria last year forced Mercedes to tighten up its internal rules, leaving the pair free to race, albeit with deterrents in place to prevent further incidents. The overall theme of the internal policy was that both men should "respect the values of the team" at all times when racing each other.

The pair did not collide again in 2016 but Hamilton broke the rule at the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix as he looked to overturn huge odds to win the title. Hamilton attempted to back Rosberg into the chasing pack in the hope he dropped out of podium contention, which he needed to have any hope of winning the title, a tactic he continued despite a direct order from the Mercedes pit wall. Mercedes later admitted it had been wrong to issue Hamilton a team order.

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Mercedes W08 breaks cover at Silverstone (February 24, 2017)
[ Source: ESPN UK ]

Mercedes. Mark Sutton/Sutton Images

Mercedes has completed the first laps of 2017 season with its new car, the W08, at the Silverstone circuit.

Ahead of its official launch on Thursday afternoon, Lewis Hamilton took to the circuit in his new car for some cursory laps for what will be chalked up as one of Mercedes' official filming days. Unlike the four other 2017 models unveiled so far, the W08 only features a small shark fin on the run down to the rear wing assembly.

In keeping with its philosophy from recent seasons the car features a narrow nose design different to any seen so far, which have all featured thumb-like stubs. It also has a significantly large floor to the car, while also featuring a huge S-duct outlet similar to the one featured on recent models.

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Lewis Hamilton reveals red and yellow helmet for 2017 (February 24, 2017)
Nate Saunders [ Source: ESPN UK ]

Lewis Hamilton 2017 helmet.

Lewis Hamilton has revealed a fan-designed red and yellow helmet he will use for the 2017 season.

The three-time world champion offered fans the chance to design his new lid at the start of the year. Revealing the winning outfit on Wednesday, Hamilton named the designer as Raí Caldato, who will also receive a replica from the Mercedes driver as a reward.

In a message on Instagram, Hamilton said he liked that Caldato's design stayed true to his long-time association with boyhood idol Ayrton Senna.

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Force India unveils 2017 challenger (February 23, 2017)
Laurence Edmondson [ Source: ESPN UK ]

Force India

Force India unveiled its 2017 challenger, the VJM10, at an event at the Silverstone circuit on Wednesday.

The VJM10 is the latest of 2017's new cars to be unveiled, one Force India hopes will build on its best-ever finish of fourth last season. To do so Force India will need to master the new regulations, which feature wider cars, chunkier Pirelli tyres and modified wings.

The livery of the VJM10 is more silver than its predecessor and features the long shark fin which has become a characteristic of the new cars. Most striking is its unique M-shaped nose end, a radical departure from those seen on the Williams, Sauber and Renault cars released so far, and a steep bump further up.

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