Pestaño: In defense of the world championship format

Frank 'Boy' Pestaño [ Source: SunStar ] - January 06, 2017

THE recent World Championship Match ( WCM)between Magnus Carlsen and Sergey Karjalin were the subject of discussion by several notable chess personalities and the discussions also included hundreds of other alternative proposals.

The most notable were proposals by Emil Sutovsky, Maurice Ashley and Yasser Seirawan.

Yasser Seirawan does not like the current format of the WCM and proposed a “radical solution.” His fundamental position is that the WCM should consist of classical games only, and that rapid and blitz games should not be used to break a tied match. The WCM should not be a 12-game contest as 12 games are not enough.

He explains that “12 games is not that mockery on chess we observed during the knock-out system, but it is still not enough. At least 14 to 18 games are needed for a full-fledged and creative fight: then the rivals have an ability to risk…Determining the classical world chess Champion through rapid, and all the more, through blitz games, is just nonsense.”

Emil Sutovsky is president of the Association of Chess Professionals and has an extensive experience in participating in television and radio programs and is an author of over a hundred publications.

He proposed playing the rapid and blitz “tiebreakers” before the classical games even begin. This creative idea ensures that a rapid and blitz tiebreak would be part of every WCM and the match will start with a bang!


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