Numerophilia: UST vs NU - where 2 isn’t always greater than 3

[ Source: ] - September 27, 2012

These are the games that matter, where months and months of hardwork, dedication and perseverance finally comes together in the postseason.

It’s Final Four time and this article will do is look at the season’s worth of data gathered from both teams, analyze it and try to predict what factors will affect the outcome of this series.

Basically, we’ll be looking at the story the numbers tell.

The UST Growling Tigers finished the season as the sole team with a 10-4 record, clinching a twice-to-beat advantage in the postseason. They’ll be facing the NU Bulldogs, who clinched their first Final Four appearance in 11 years with a win against FEU last Sunday.

Ratings (RTG) – There are offensive ratings and defensive ratings. They are sometimes referred as Efficiency and are usually used in per-100 possessions for equal valuation.

RTG = 100* (Points scored/produced/allowed)/Possession


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