Tweaked ‘dribble drive’ can fit Filipinos’ style, says Wahlberg

Bong Lozada [ Source: Inquirer ] - June 17, 2016

Filipinos love their basketball and with that affection comes an almost inevitable offensive that they usually employ.

The dribble drive.

This popular offensive strategy is simple: a guard drives to the lane to either shoot a layup or pass it to the open man.

Vance Wahlberg, the man credited as the creator of the dribble-drive offense said Filipinos can tweak with the system that best suit their generally short stature.

“Since you guys are not that tall, you can change the offense,” said Wahlberg Wednesday at Gerry’s Grill in Greenhills. “Every spot is interchangeable.”
Wahlberg, a former assistant coach with the Sacramento Kings, said guards who like to push the ball to the lane and shooters will thrive in this type of offensive scheme.

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