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Rene Catalan finishes off Chinese opponent in 2 rounds

Rene Catalan pulled off a sweet ground-and-pound victory over his Chinese opponent, Peng Xue Wen, at ONE: Kings of Courage at Jakarta Convention Center in Indonesia on Saturday night, kicking off a new year for local MMA fighters in style.

Catalan finished off Peng after he bludgeoned him in the second round in their strawweight tussle.

The shorter Catalan, who uses wushu as his base martial art, surprised his taller opponent by dominating him on the ground in the first stanza.

After connecting a 5-hit combo against the weary Peng, Catalan chased him to the mat and placed his knee on his stomach before pounding away.

The referee stepped in to stop the match after seeing that Peng could no longer defend himself.

Photo: Twitter, @simonhead
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