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Meet Asa Miller, the Philippines' only delegate to Pyeongchang

Known as a tropical country, the Philippines has sent delegations to the Winter Olympics four times since 1972, the most recent of which was figure skater Michael Christian Martinez, who went to Sochi, Russia in 2014.

Once again, the nation will have to huddle up and support the country's only Olympian this year, 17-year old Asa Miller, who will be competing in the slalom ski event.

Our lone delegate to the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics needs our support. Photo courtesy of Asa Miller's GoFundMe page
The event involves going down a slope, passing through poles and gates at the fastest time. Slalom skiing comprises of two events, slalom and giant slalom. Miller will compete in both events.

Miller, a native of Portland, Oregon, first took hold of skiing when he was a toddler, and first competed when he was six. Miller currently competes for the Meadow Race Team in Mt. Hood, Oregon, where he had been competing for the past nine years.

The Filipino-American, who traces his roots to his mother, competed at the FIS World Junior Championships in Sweden in last year, but flopped.

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