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‘Django’ cops Battle of Legends runner-up plum

Filipino cue master Francisco “Django” Bustamante bagged the runner-up honor in the 2018 Battle of Legends billiards tournament held at the Billiard’s Bistro Die Drei Center Court in Sindelfingen, Germany.

Bustamante, the 2010 World 9-Ball Championship winner and two-time World Cup of Pool titlist, suffered a 6-7 loss to 1996 World 9-Ball champion and 2008 World 8-Ball titlist Ralf Souquet of Germany in a tight championship showdown.

The score was actually tied at 5-all and Bustamante has all the chances of claiming the crown after a good break in the final rack.

But Bustamante missed the eight-ball, allowing Souquet to recover and eventually win the game.

Only six legendary players were invited in the Battle of Legends.

Besides Bustamante and Souquet, the other invited champions were 1999 World 9-Ball champion Efren ‘Bata’ Reyes, three-time World 9-Ball titlist Earl Strickland of the United States, four-time World 14.1 Straight Pool Championship champion Thorsten Hohmann of Germany and former European No. 1 and trickshot World Champion Ralph Eckert of Germany.

Author: Emil Noguera, The Manila Times
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