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Camson willing to apologize to Almazan, says elbow wasn’t intentional

Kia big man Eric Camson said he was merely getting in position for a rebound it wasn’t his intention to hit Rain or Shine center Raymond Almazan with an elbow that triggered an ugly fight on Saturday.

While fighting for positioning in the shaded area, Camson landed an elbow to the face of Almazan, who quickly retaliated with his own.

The situation escalated after Camson caught Almazan with a punch in the face before players and referees stepped in to restore order.

“It wasn’t intended. The replay will show that I wasn’t going for his face and I was just boxing out,” Camson told reporters in Filipino after the game. “I hit him and it was something unavoidable. Then he got back at me and it was just my pride at that point.”

Both got ejected after being slapped with a flagrant foul penalty 2.

Kia came into the game having lost 16 straight games dating back to last season and Camson said all the losing was a reason for how he handled the situation.

Photo: TiebreakerTimes
Author: Mark Giongco, Inquirer
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