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Win by bloodied Milan Melindo over Hekkie Budler, PH fight of the year

This is the one fight that showed Milan Melindo’s true heart as a champion.

With a bout so close and a pair of cuts blurring his vision, “El Metodico” summoned every ounce of strength in him to hack out a split-decision victory against formidable South African challenger Hekkie Budler in Cebu city on September 16.

Milan Melindo. Photo by Toshifumi Kitamura/AFP
"There is no sweeter victory for a boxer than one drenched with blood," said boxing analyst Ed Tolentino, who was part of the TV panel that covered Melindo-Budler.

"I know some boxers who would have quit. It would have been so easy for the boxer to claim that he could no longer see. We would have accepted such an explanation, but what defines a champion is his ability to push himself beyond the parameters of pain.

"Melindo could no longer see against Budler, but his desire to remain a champion remained crystal clear in his head."

Author: Dennis Gasgonia, ABS-CBN News
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