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Still no name for top PBA post

Chito Narvasa’s term as the PBA commissioner ends in two days, but the league’s board, which was split in two recently in what was the biggest controversy to rock Asia’s pioneering pro league, is far from naming a new one.

The board actually hasn’t even come close to finalizing a list of candidates.

“We have none,” a member of the board, who spoke on condition that he is not identified, told the Inquirer over the phone on Thursday when asked if they had names that they would want to push as a candidate.

The same source also expressed fear that, with the uncertainty of tenure that every commissioner would have to go through, the board would have a hard time finding a man of unquestionable character who would risk a career in the corporate world to work as commissioner.

“Would you leave your old company where you have a good career and you’re earning a lot to serve as commissioner?” the board member asked as he stressed that he would make a pitch for a longer term once the board convenes for the first time in the post-Narvasa era next month.

Author: Musong R. Castillo, Inquirer
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