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No regret in trading Art Dela Cruz for Chris Ellis, says Blackwater owner

MANILA, Philippines — On paper, it may look like Blackwater drew the terribly shorter stick in their two-for-two swap with Barangay Ginebra: Chris Ellis has gone missing in action and Art dela Cruz is making a comeback.

But team owner Dioceldo Sy is not losing sleep over the decision to ship away Dela Cruz. After all, it was a decision "made as a father.”

Former Blackwater Elite Art dela Cruz; inset, team owner Dioceldo Sy | Philippine Star
At the time of the trade, the 25-year-old talent out of San Beda was nursing an achilles injury.

"Well at that time, letting an Art dela Cruz go is a very difficult decision. Because before we traded him out, we checked on his achilles. We had him MRI’d and we saw a spot,” Sy shared. “We had it checked out by [our team doctor] and said it’s a cyst and requires to be operated again.”

"So what can you do? The father approached us if we could trade his son. Syempre he’s the father eh. And me as a father, also, I want my son to have a career after basketball,” he explained.

Author: Denison Rey A. Dalupang, Philippine Star
Full Article: http://www.philstar.com/sports/2017/11/17/1759817/no-regret-trading-art-dela-cruz-chris-ellis-says-blackwater-owner

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