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High-Flying James Forrester’s Next Flight Starts with Formosa Dreamers

High-Flying James Forrester is making another jump in his career and will be playing his first ASEAN Basketball League season with the Formosa Dreamers.

The Filipino-Canadian has spent the past 4 seasons in the Philippines Basketball Association (PBA) bouncing around 5 different teams. That experience has prepared him for what he expects to face in his rookie ABL season.

“The PBA is strategically physical and players have very high basketball IQ,” says Forrester of his PBA experience. “So I’m prepared to face the same style, with minor differences as the season goes on. I’ll pick up on them and adjust my game accordingly.”

“I’ve been really pushed out of my comfort zones but I’m trying to remind myself about the positive benefits,” Forrester says of his early experiences with the Formosa Dreamers. “I’m used to a certain way of basketball so the adjustment has been difficult at times.”

“Overall, I would say that it’s been a character building experience, and I’m just ready to get the season started.”
Photo via Formosa Dreamers

The Dreamers are expected to be a pretty young squad and not many of the players will have the resume that Forrester brings with him. The 28-year-old Forrester expects adjustments he needs to make but nonetheless, he has high expectations for himself.

“I’m a team player adjusting into a scoring role. I’m really just trying to be the best version of myself.” Forrester says. “I’ve done some research and I’m probably one of the most athletic players in the league from the guard/wing position, so I would have to say that’s my biggest strength.”

Forrester has turned to some familiar faces to help guide him through his first ABL season. Judging from the track record in the ABL of his advisor, Forrester should be in good hands.

“Matthew Wright and I are very close. We come from the same city but from two different parts [of town],” Forrester says of his friendship with the ABL 2015-2016 Heritage MVP and Champion. “It’s kind of a yin yang situation – we get along very well. He’s almost been an ABL coach to me – doing his best to give advice. We’ll be in constant communication. We always try to motivate each other and find ways to become the best at what we do.”

“I’ll be keeping up with his PBA games, and he’ll be keeping up with the ABL season.”

By joining the Dreamers, Forrester will be starting to new chapter in his professional basketball career and it’s a chapter he’s look forward to.

“I feel great about the opportunity to play in the ABL. It gives players a chance to travel and experience different styles of basketball throughout Asia. I’m excited to see the different cultures and play basketball with such a wide variety of individuals – from coaches to players.”

“I’m excited to go at every single player in the ABL,” Forrester says when asked if he had anyone he wanted to match up against. “No one in particular stands out, but I’m going to try to be one of the best heritage imports this season.”

“I’m excited to play [Tanduay Alab Pilipinas] because my family can watch me play.”

Fans of the ASEAN Basketball League will be getting their first taste of the Forrester’s high-flying antics on November 18th when the Formosa Dreamers visit the CLS Knights Indonesia in Surabaya. Dreamers fans will have to wait a while to see Forrester in action on December 16th when they host Tanduay Alab Pilipinas.

“Fans should expect to see a player who wants to win every single night,” Forrester addresses what fans should expect. “I want to compete every game from start to finish. When that kind of effort is put forth, the fans will see what they want to see.”

Source: http://aseanbasketballleague.com/high-flying-james-forresters-next-flight-starts-with-formosa-dreamers/

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