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Davon Potts: Basketball or nothing

PBA Rookie Draft applicant Davon Potts remembers exactly when the basketball bug bit him. As a toddler in his mother’s living room in Chicago. He was mesmerized by the glowing images of powerful, graceful athletes he saw before him. He was literally drawn to the screen, towards the hometown team building its second three-peat.

“I was three years old. I remember that,” the San Beda guard told The STAR. “I remember just standing right in front of the TV, just watching everything. I have that memory that this is what I wanted to do. It was basketball or nothing. I loved the pace of the game. I was more intrigued by the competitiveness. I loved the way some of the players reacted when they would do some moves. I felt it, internally.”

Immersed in that passion, the little kid then went to the tiny plastic hoop in his room and started slamming away. He also had a hoop in front of the house and was shooting into it obsessively. At the time, Davon’s parents had divorced, and were taking turns raising him. The compromise was that he would spend a year with his mother Mary on the East Coast, then a year with his father Rick on the West. But basketball changed all that. Mary knew she wouldn’t be able to teach her son the game as well as her ex-husband could. She knew Davon had to go live with his Dad in Los Angeles.

At age 5, Davon started living with his father full-time, and they moved all over California: LA, Sacramento, Orange County, Lakewood. He would find basketball wherever he was, even playing for two AAU teams. Each helped his game evolve to where it needed to be. He started out as a shooter.

“Orange County taught me more of the fundamentals,” he explained. “But Lakewood taught me more of the aggressiveness. That was my transition from being a shooter to being able to do what I needed. At Lakewood, I had to learn to do these moves or else I’d get predictable. So it all sort of came together when I was 13.”

Author: Bill Velasco, Philippine Star
Full Article: http://www.philstar.com/sports/2017/10/09/1747012/davon-potts-basketball-or-nothing

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