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Danny Kingad balances life as college student and world title contender

MANILA, Philippines -- In a typical Filipino household, parents encourage their children to exert effort in their studies to have good grades on their report cards in order to eventually have a bright future.

When parents talk of a “bright future,” they usually refer to white-collared professions like donning a white medical gown with a stethoscope in hand, wearing a business suit in a corporate setting, or holding a blueprint on a high-rise site with a hard hat.

However, the story takes a sharp turn when a child opts to instead wear four-ounce gloves to compete in three to five-round bouts for cold cash.

Prizefighting does not require an educational background, which is why most people connote a social stigma to it by assuming that all it takes is hard guts to endure the punishing blows inside a ring or cage.

On the contrary, homegrown Filipino talent Danny “The King” Kingad is bent on breaking the stereotype to prove that not all professional competitors fit into this erroneous category.

Full Article: http://news.abs-cbn.com/sports/10/26/17/danny-kingad-balances-life-as-college-student-and-world-title-contender

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