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Manny says GGG has slight edge

Sen. Manny Pacquiao expects a humdinger of a fight between unbeaten WBA/WBC/IBF/IBO middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin of Kazakhstan and Mexican challenger Saul (Canelo) Alvarez at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday night (Sunday morning, Manila time).

“It’ll be an exciting fight,” said Pacquiao. “Both are heavy-handed. And when you’re fighting someone who’s heavy-handed, the tendency is you change the way you fight because you know you can get hurt. I think they’re about even in speed and power. But Golovkin is more of a pressure fighter. There will be knockdowns because both are capable of landing big shots.”

Asked for a prediction, Pacquiao said Golovkin has a slight edge over Alvarez. “I’m giving Golovkin a 15 percent advantage,” he said. “Alvarez can counter Golovkin with combinations so it won’t be easy either way. A lot will depend on how the fighters adjust to each other. You always go to your strengths like if you’re fighting a taller opponent with an advantage in reach, you use your quickness to move around him and create angles.”

Pacquiao said there’s a slight similarity between Alvarez and Antonio Margarito. Both Mexicans are heavy-handed body punchers but Alvarez is quicker on the draw. In 2010, Pacquiao survived a vicious body shot in the sixth round to outpoint Margarito at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. It seemed like the ropes broke Pacquiao’s fall and prevented a knockdown. But Pacquiao said that wasn’t the case. He was near the ropes and stumbled after losing his footing but the body shot had nothing to do with it.

Former two-time world champion Gerry Peñalosa said it’s a toss-up. “If it ends in a knockout, it’s Golovkin but if it’s a decision, it’s Alvarez, maybe controversial,” he said. “I’m a big fan of Canelo and I really want him to win.  It’ll be a hard fight for both but good for boxing.”

Author: Joaquin Henson, Philippine Star
Full Article: http://www.philstar.com/sports/2017/09/14/1739021/manny-says-ggg-has-slight-edge

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