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Fiery start by Wesley So

NO worry for GM Wesley So in the first round of the 2017 FIDE World Cup.

So played just hard enough to bring down  GM Joshua Daniel Castillo of Colombia in the first of their two-game duel in Sunday’s opening round at the Hualing Hotel in Tbilsi, Georgia.

The 23-year-old Bacoor, Cavite-born  So, who now plays for the United  States, grounded out a decisive  win from what looked like an equal position after 59 moves of the Caro Kann.
The  end came when So,  who played black,  pushed his rook to f7,  trapping Castillo’s knight on g8.
“Today I played the Caro Kann. It is a great opening. I really didn’t expect he would go for this line. He  defended very well and had some drawing chances. But in the end, he missed some tactics because he was really short on time,” said So, who is seeded second in  the  tournament behind world  champion Magnus Carlsen of Norway.
The only other Filipino participant,  GM Julio Catalino Sadorra, was not as lucky.

Author: Ed Andaya, Journal
Full Article: http://www.journal.com.ph/sports/fiery-start

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