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Ana Julaton: The fight goes on

Former world boxing champion Ana Julaton has always done the improbable. She has managed to be successful in two related but totally dissimilar sports. She has been an underdog, has overcome serious injury, and now, at an age when most fighters retire to the shadows, The Hurricane is embarking on a new challenge as an MMA fighter. However, the contract also allows her to continue to box.

“It was exactly eight years to the day when Ana first became a world boxing champion,” says Julaton’s trainer, Angelo Reyes. “So serendipitous. At Bellator 183, Ana will be back in the arena that is so dear to her heart, back in the Bay Area where she was born and raised. Back where she won her first world title.”

Under the mentorship of Freddie Roach, Julaton quickly rose to world contender status. In 2008, with only five pro fights’ experience, she lost a world title fight via split decision. Shortly thereafter, she tore her knee in the middle of karate training, and needed major surgery. She spent the first months of 2009 in rehab. This is where it gets improbable. Julaton, with four wins, a loss and a draw, is offered another world title shot. Kelsey Jeffries (41 wins, nine losses, two draws) had reigned as world champion in three different weight classes, and was considered one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world at the time. Julaton wins her first world title at 122 pounds.

Julaton has held the IBA super bantamweight title and had two stints as the WBO super bantamweight champion during her nine-year boxing career. Her ascension also heralded growing interest in women’s boxing. Julaton continues to fight for more exposure and better pay for women fighters, and it is only now that her wish is starting to come true.

“Male fighters aren’t expected to do all the other things female fighters are expected to do aside from boxing,” Julaton says. “And we’re also supposed to look good after doing everything.”

Author: Bill Velasco, Philippine Star
Full Article: http://www.philstar.com/sports/2017/09/18/1740230/ana-julaton-fight-goes

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