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PCCL launches national competition for collegiate basketball

The Philippine Collegiate Champions League (PCCL) organized the National Collegiate Championship, a nationwide multi-level collegiate basketball competition that recognizes regional champions and the overall national champion that emerge during the games.

The National Collegiate Championship answers the need for more competitive exposure extending beyond local mother league competitions.

The aim of PCCL is to broaden the sports program of schools, particularly collegiate basketball, by providing more competitive activities that would benefit student-player development.

From the initial six leagues, there are now 35 leagues sending their best team to participate in the PCCL games. PCCL was able to expand its coverage by continuously touching base with active leagues all over the country and assisting them in improving the basketball programs of their respective member schools.

Full Article: http://sports.inquirer.net/262123/pccl-launches-national-competition-collegiate-basketball

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