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Lack of pro boxing experience not a drawback for McGregor

LAS VEGAS — As he gets set to face undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather in their multi-million dollar bout on Saturday in Las Vegas, much is being made of Conor McGregor's lack of pro boxing experience, but it may turn out to be his greatest strength.

Mayweather has faced 49 boxers and beaten them all - 49 men who have studied the craft for years and years, and yet none of them could find a way through his submarine-tight defence and stinging attack.

Conor McGregor's striking is second to none, and his devastating left hand has powered his ascent to the top of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Steve Marcus, Las Vegas Sun/Reuters
But even though he has little by way of experience, McGregor — and in particular his left hand — still poses a huge danger to Mayweather's proud unbeaten record.

Despite the fact that he is about to become the best-paid boxing debutant in history, McGregor, who started boxing as a boy before making the switch to mixed martial arts, has never had a top-level encounter as a boxer.

That is not to say that he is a complete novice when it comes to the "sweet science," as boxing aficionados love to call their sport.

Author: Philip O'Connor, Reuters
Full Article: http://news.abs-cbn.com/sports/08/26/17/lack-of-pro-boxing-experience-not-a-drawback-for-mcgregor

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