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Gerry picks Money over Conor by KO

MANILA, Philippines -  Former WBC superflyweight/WBO bantamweight champion Gerry Peñalosa said yesterday it’s not likely Conor McGregor will beat Floyd (Money) Mayweather, Jr. in their circus duel at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Aug. 26 and predicted the undefeated boxer will toy around with the UFC lightweight champion before scoring a knockout in the 10th or 11th round.

“Mayweather has all the advantages, except for power,” said Peñalosa. “I think McGregor hits harder than Mayweather and has a puncher’s chance to win but the question is whether he can land. The fight will use boxing rules, three minutes a round and the schedule is for 12 rounds. In MMA, it’s five minutes a round and the longest McGregor has fought is five rounds. McGregor will run out of stamina. Mayweather could play with him at first then maybe after six rounds, he’ll get serious. If McGregor tries to brawl, that’s fine with Mayweather who likes it when his opponent comes forward. He’ll have an easier time hitting McGregor.”

Gerry Peñalosa with Freddie Roach
Peñalosa called McGregor a robot who won’t be able to adjust to the Queensberry rules. “McGregor has no experience in boxing,” he said. “It’s not just the rounds. In boxing, every part of your body is involved from head to toe. You don’t get any rest except for the time in between rounds. In MMA, you get a chance to rest if you’re on the ground. You can stall an opponent’s attack. It’ll be a big adjustment for McGregor.”

Under boxing rules, 10-ounce gloves are used from the superwelterweight (154 pounds) to the heavyweight division (over 200 pounds) with 8-ounce gloves from the minimumweight (105 pounds) to the welterweight (147 pounds) class. The Nevada State Athletic Commission has ruled that 10-ounce gloves will be used since the weight limit for the bout is 154. A few days ago, Mayweather said he’d agree to use 8-ouncers instead. In MMA, fighters use 4-ounce gloves with exposed fingers. The less weight on a glove, the more impact on the punch. Peñalosa said Mayweather is playing mind games. “He could be bluffing because you would expect McGregor to ask for less weight gloves, not Mayweather,” he said. “But I’m not sure if the state commission will make an exception to the rule of 10-ounce gloves for the superwelterweight division. Maybe, it’s just a publicity stunt.”

The age factor may or may not be a fight changer. Mayweather is 40 and McGregor, 29. Another factor could be Mayweather’s ring rust. He hasn’t fought in almost two years with only 10 fights since 2009. McGregor has figured in 20 fights within the same period. Mayweather’s record is 49-0, with 26 KOs. One more win and he surpasses the late Rocky Marciano’s record. McGregor’s MMA record is 21-3 with 18 wins by striking, one by submission and two by decision. The three losses were all by submission.

Peñalosa said the hometown factor will not be an advantage for Mayweather even if he lives in Las Vegas. “The crowd will be 50-50,” he said. “20 percent will be McGregor diehards and 30 percent of the American fans coming for the fight want Mayweather to lose, leaving 50 percent for Mayweather. The audience will be divided. I hope the judges and the referee won’t be influenced by anyone. The best referee to work the fight is either Kenny Bayless or Tony Weeks because both are big enough not to be intimidated.”

Author: Joaquin Henson
Full Article: http://www.philstar.com/sports/2017/08/07/1726010/gerry-picks-money-over-conor-ko

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