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Frayna wins best female title in Brugse

MANILA, Philippines - WGM Janelle Mae Frayna drew with GM Alexandre Dgebuadze of Belgium in the final round to finish tied for eighth and clinch the best female title in the Brugse Meesters International chess tournament in Belgium recently.

Frayna finished with 6.5 points in the nine-round tournament, including five wins and three draws against one loss in an all-male tournament that drew 150 participants from 17 countries.

After five tournaments in her European campaign, Frayna hiked her live rating to 2300 heading to her next tournament in Italy.

In round 3, she drew against GM Vladimir Epishin of Russia, former coach of Anataloy Karpov, she lost to GM Atilla Czebe of Hungary in round 7 and drew her final round against GM Alexandre Dgebuadze of Belgium in an overwhelming winning position.

“She’s aiming to reach 2400 by year-end to obtain the official International Master (male) title,” said Frayna’s coach and trainer GM Jayson Gonzales.

Full Article: http://www.philstar.com/sports/2017/08/20/1730971/frayna-wins-best-female-title-brugse

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