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For Horn, Pacquiao rematch all about 'proving a point'

After being on the receiving end of tremendous criticism in the wake of the greatest triumph of his boxing career, Australian star Jeff Horn is eager to shock the world all over again.

Horn memorably triumphed over Filipino legend Manny Pacquiao in the Battle of Brisbane last July, claiming the WBO welterweight title in the process.

Yet his victory was derided, as most analysts believed that Pacquiao handily won the fight. A panel later reviewed the bout and declared Horn's win as legitimate, but most boxing fans remained unconvinced.

According to Top Rank chief executive Bob Arum, the "Pacman" is keen on a rematch, although details remain vague due in part to Pacquiao's packed schedule as a senator in the Philippines. Nevertheless, Horn is keeping himself ready.

"I'm happy for a rematch, especially after all the flak I received before the second scoring came out," Horn told the Sydney Morning Herald. "Now it's out, and I still receive people saying I didn't win."

The "second scoring" that Horn refers to comes from a panel of five judges brought together by the World Boxing Organization. The panel, much like the three judges at ringside in Brisbane, had Horn winning the fight against Pacquiao.

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