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Fernando Alonso says he's had multiple offers for 2018

SPA-FRANCORCHAMPS, Belgium -- Fernando Alonso claims to have had multiple offers for next season and says he has already rejected 60 per cent of them.

Alonso's McLaren contract is due to expire at the end of the year and after three seasons off the pace with Honda power units, the double world champion says he only wants to drive for a winning team in 2018.

However, Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull -- the only three teams to win in F1 since the start of the current engine regulations in 2014 -- are all set to continue with the same driver line-ups next year, meaning Alonso has no choice but to take a punt on one of the sport's midfield teams.

McLaren is keen to retain Alonso, but he has also been linked to Renault and, as recently as this weekend's Belgian Grand Prix, Williams too. The Spaniard is planning to make a decision in September but says he has already rejected some of his offers.

"I will have a think and take decisions in the next month," he said. "Definitely I have some offers and I did have offers in June, in July, in August -- 60 per cent of them I said no already and the other 40 per cent are still on the table."

McLaren has yet to decide on its engine supplier for 2018, making it difficult for Alonso to make an informed decision on his future.

"I will wait and I will take the best decision for me, the one that makes me happier next year. I am very relaxed. I will wait as long as possible to have a better and more clear ideas and projects, so let's see."

Williams technical boss and shareholder Paddy Lowe played down the Alonso link, but was not willing to rule it out entirely.

"Is that time of year when people write these types of stories. We haven't announced who's driving for us next year and it's something we are still working on. I'm not going to comment on it or rule it in or out or whatever."

Photo: Mark Thompson/Getty Images
Author: Laurence Edmondson, ESPN UK
Source: http://www.espn.co.uk/f1/story/_/id/20466222/fernando-alonso-says-had-multiple-offers-2018

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