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Alapag was always Alab’s first choice for head coach

While they fell short of bringing back the trophy to the country, Alab Pilipinas’ maiden campaign in the Asean Basketball League was nonetheless a success.

Ending third-place and earning the local MVP for Ray Parks Jr., the Filipinos returned to contention with a vengeance.

BETTER LATE THAN NEVER. Jimmy Alapag will now call the shots for an Alab Piipinas side more determined than ever to get their first championship.
And now closing in on their second season, Alab is only looking to get even better. “We’re thinking of improving the team, definitely,” team manager Charlie Dy said.

As it turns out, the first step towards that improvement is ushering in a well-respected name to call the shots. “We signed Jimmy because we know he can help transform the team. He has been helping lots of young players about good work ethic,” Dy said in the press conference last Saturday that introduced Jimmy Alapag as the new head coach for the Philippines.

He then continued, “That’s what he’ll bring to the team so we’re very happy that he’ll finally be a head coach.”

Author: Norman Lee Benjamin Riego
Full Article: http://sports.abs-cbn.com/basketball/news/2017/08/13/alapag-always-alab-s-first-choice-head-coach-29675

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