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Vettel questions Bottas' perfect start

Following Sunday's Austrian Grand Prix, Sebastian Vettel remained convinced Valtteri Bottas had jumped the start of the race.

Vettel finished second to Bottas at the Red Bull Ring after starting alongside him on the front row of the grid. The Ferrari driver twice questioned Bottas' start over team radio, but when the stewards investigated Bottas' getaway they found nothing wrong with it.

Sebastian Vettel. Sutton Images
However, Vettel found it hard to believe that Bottas' reaction time of 0.201s, which was quoted to him in the post-race FIA press conference, was accurate.

"I don't believe it because I don't believe it..." Vettel said. "I think the reaction times are around 0.2s for everyone and I don't think that everyone is that much slower [than Bottas], so that is why -- I don't think Valtteri is that much quicker than us.

"I was a strong believer at the time that he jumped the start but I am guessing there is reason to believe he didn't, but I can't imagine his reaction time was 0.2s -- that would be normal. He said earlier he wasn't human, but he is Finnish!"

To trigger a jump start, a driver needs to move before the lights go out but a small tolerance of movement is built into the system to allow a driver to make clutch adjustments prior to the start. Video circulated on social media after the race showed Bottas move slightly before the lights went out, but according to Bottas' transponder data he did not exceed the tolerance allowed by the FIA.

Daniel Ricciardo, who started the race from fifth place and finished third, said he thinks Bottas anticipated the lights and got lucky.

"The main thing was it [the reaction time] is positive. The lights were held for a long time, more than normal, there is always a window but it did seem longer. When you're there and your revs are high you're kind of waiting and waiting and for sure he went when the lights went out so I guess he got lucky.

"I did that in Formula 3 once and it was on the edge. I'm sure you react at that point, in theory it's not a natural reaction I don't believe but if it's plus he's safe. I don't believe he reacted to the lights. I commented saying Valtteri jumped so in the end he didn't jump but for sure he got a bit lucky. You can't take the win away from him he did well."

Source: http://www.espn.co.uk/f1/story/_/id/19945596/vettel-questions-bottas-perfect-start

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