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Valdez lauds Morado’s leadership in Creamline’s strong start

Creamline skipper Alyssa Valdez was in full awe of setter Jia Morado Wednesday after the diminutive playmaker led the Cool Smashers to a four-set win over Bali Pure, 25-19, 28-30, 25-19, 31-29, in the Premier Volleyball League Open Conference.

“Your confidence is on another level whenever you’re able to score and that is thanks to Jia because she’s very composed despite high pressure situations,” said Valdez.

Creamline teammates Alyssa Valdez and Jia Morado. Photo by Tristan Tamayo/INQUIRER.net
Morado and Valdez’ partnership was in full swing during the game as the two put up astounding numbers to lead the 2-0 Cool Smashers.

Valdez had 37 points, her most since putting up 39 points when the PVL was still called the Shakey’s V-League, while Morado had a head-scratching 71 excellent sets.

“Jia is really the one leading the team, and whatever happens she will always put her trust in you and as a spiker that’s a really big help,” said Valdez.

“That’s the kind of setter, with that kind of attitude, that you want on your team.”

Source: http://sports.inquirer.net/255191/valdez-lauds-morados-leadership-in-creamlines-strong-start

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