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UFC fighter who pooped herself will be sponsored by butt-wipes company

Most people say “there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel” and it seems that it can also apply to a certain fighter who recently had a peculiar “accident” in the cage.

Social media was ablaze last week when UFC strawweight fighter Justin Kish accidentally lost control of her bowels mid-fight against Felice Herrig.

Justin Kish. Screen Grab from Youtube/Domenick Nati Show
After losing the bout, the 29-year-old Russian-American fighter became an instant online celebrity, albeit in an extremely unflattering manner.

Although humiliated by the incident, Kish is now dealing with multiple sponsorship offers from butt-wipe companies—including famed baby-wipe brand Dude Wipes.

“I’m actually considering it because we could have some fun with it and maybe make the product less embarrassing and more funny,” she said over the weekend on iHeart radio’s “Domenick Nati Show”, as relayed by the Huffington Post.

Dude Wipes reportedly reached out to Kish on Twitter shortly after the bout and said it would like to supply her with all the product she needs.

Source: http://sports.inquirer.net/254770/ufc-fighter-who-pooped-herself-will-be-sponsored-by-butt-wipes-company

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