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Sebastian Vettel in no rush to decide future

HUNGARORING -- Formula One championship leader Sebastian Vettel says deciding where he will be driving in 2018 can wait until later in the year.

Vettel's current deal expires at the end of this season but he already has a new contract awaiting his signature at Maranello. The championship leader has been linked with a future move to Mercedes in recent weeks, with the world champions stalling on whether to extend Valtteri Bottas' one-year deal.

Sebastian Vettel. Dan Mullan/Getty Images
Both Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen are out of a contract at the end of this season, which is Ferrari's first legitimate chance at winning either championship since 2012. Speaking at the Hungarian Grand Prix press conference, the four-time world champion was reluctant to speculate too much on the future.

"It's true that I haven't got a contract yet but I think the primary objective at the moment is not to look at papers and worry about those, it's to make sure that we get some good results," Vettel said. "Obviously we have another race and another opportunity here before the summer break and then there's a bit more time.

"I think time is moving quickly and we have been very busy. I think the whole team has been very, very busy trying to get back. I think this year has been very, very good for most of the year so far. Overall very positive.I'm really enjoying it, I think it's great to be part of the Ferrari family and as I said we are all focused and determined to get Ferrari back to where it belongs. That's our mission, our target, our goal and that's what we are working on."

With his championship lead over Lewis Hamilton now down to just one point going into the 11th race of the season, Vettel said it is only natural his focus would be elsewhere.

"What is delaying? I think the fact that we are working hard from the team's point, my point, I think we have other things to do right now. In the summer there is a bit more time, a couple of weeks' stretch where there is no race but for now I think the focus is extremely high on working on the car.

"For me I'm obviously not designing the bits but trying to give as much feedback as I can, trying to spend time in the simulator, generally talking to the team. That has priority. A piece of paper can be signed fairly quickly so that's not a problem."

Source: http://www.espn.co.uk/f1/story/_/id/20171963/sebastian-vettel-no-rush-decide-future

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