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Sebastian Vettel: I'm in control of my temper

SPIELBERG, Austria -- Sebastian Vettel has brushed off suggestions that he struggles to control his temper after facing criticism for his collision with Lewis Hamilton at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

On Monday he issued a public apology for the incident, in which he admitted he overreacted, and -- facing a packed room of journalists at the Red Bull Ring on Thursday -- the Ferrari driver said he is now hoping to move on.

Sebastian Vettel. JOE KLAMAR/AFP/Getty Images
"Wrong move, wrong decision -- it was the wrong move to drive alongside him and hit his tyres," Vettel said. "That's what you're all here to hear about but there's not much more to talk about.

"At the time I was surprised, it felt like Lewis hit the brakes and I couldn't stop running into the back of his car but as I said in the statement and afterwards, I don't think there was any intention and that he actually [tried to] brake-test me. That's why I was upset and overreacted.

"Am I proud of moment? No. Can I take it back? No. Do I regret it? Yes. So I don't think we need to drag it out any further."

It is the second time in under 12 months that Vettel has had to apologise for his on-track conduct after he wrote a contrite letter to Charlie Whiting following a foul-mouthed rant aimed at the FIA race director during last year's Mexican Grand Prix. He also escaped further punishment on that occasion, but, like Baku, was given a warning that a repeat offence would result in an appearance in front of a disciplinary tribunal.

When it was put to Vettel, who is now just three penalty points away from a race ban, that he might have an issue controlling his temper, the four-time champion said: "To answer your question, I don't think so.

"I can see why you might believe that, but I face a lot of situations that are quite hot and I don't think so."

Vettel said he wished he could turn back the clock and act differently in Baku, but was grateful Hamilton had accepted his apology.

"In that regard I am happy to hear that we are mature enough to move on," he added. "What I did was wrong and I did a mistake. I apologised, but it doesn't take it away, so if I could take it back -- literally take it back and go back in time -- then I would.

"But then since I can't do that, it is good to be able to say we can sit here and say that we focus on the weekend and we go out there and race and do what we love most.

"I said also to him [Hamilton], that I never had the intention to hurt him, it's not like I tried to punch him.

"I overreacted and the intention in that moment was not to hurt him and damage his car, it was at low speed. But looking back it was obviously the wrong thing to do and it was dangerous. Plus it was unnecessary because it didn't win me anything."

Source: http://www.espn.co.uk/f1/story/_/id/19860190/sebastian-vettel-control-my-temper

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