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Olympian Michael Phelps loses race against Great White Shark

The much-anticipated showdown between the world’s most decorated swimmer, Michael Phelps, and perhaps the ocean’s fiercest predator, the Great White Shark, went down over the weekend.

Billed as “The Great Gold vs. The Great White” by the Discovery Channel ahead of “Shark Week,” Phelps showcased a valiant effort, but fell short of his hope to win the made-for-television race against the dreaded beast.

Michael Phelps. / AFP PHOTO / François-Xavier MARIT
According to Bleacher Report, the unnamed shark bested the 32-year-old Phelps by a mere 2 seconds, finishing the open ocean course in 36.1 seconds, against the Olympian’s 38.1.

Meanwhile, the 23-time gold medalist, who’s not used to coming in second place in swimming races, is already itching for a rematch.

Meanwhile, viewers expressed their disappointment with the race—not because Phelps lost—but due to the fact that most were expecting the two competitors to swim side-by-side in a pool of some sort.

Instead, both the shark and Phelps took turns swimming for 100 meters at different times, even as Discovery imposed an image of the shark on the other side of Phelps to give the appearance of an actual swimming competition.

Source: http://sports.inquirer.net/257791/olympian-michael-phelps-loses-race-great-white-shark

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