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Is the NCAA 93 title a foregone conclusion for San Beda?

MANILA, Philippines — Okay, who is taking their title? It’s another season with the title all wrapped up even before tip-off.

"Bilog ang bola", you say. Of course. The problem for all the other nine teams is that even if one player goes down, this team is as deep as the Marianas Trench. Their third unit could even start for another team. After you’ve gotten past the first five, you have to face their Replacement Killers.

So how do you defeat San Beda?

Well, you have to play the perfect game. Your bench has to come to the fore. Then you can nick a game here or there. As I have written so often in the past decade, that all changes in the play-offs. You can still take a game here and there but in a long and protracted series – good luck! Should a team take game one from them, then they have a chance.

Letran and San Sebastian did it, you say. Well, that is the exception rather than the norm. And it was the perfect storm. Could it happen this year? Sure. Lyceum has the talent and depth. But let’s see how they have learned from the butt kicking they received at the hands of San Beda during the pre-season that was so anti-climactic and a downer. Arellano could but let’s see if they can sort themselves out. They are their own worst enemy with their inconsistency.

In the preseason, San Beda kick serious butt with Davon Potts not playing well. With AC Soberano playing four fewer minutes than he did during the last NCAA season. And without Donald Tankoua!

Source: http://www.philstar.com/sports/2017/07/05/1716650/ncaa-93-title-foregone-conclusion-san-beda

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