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Eric Kelly sticks with lone wolf-style training ahead of MMA return

MANILA, Philippines – Ever since he started his professional career in 2009, Filipino submission specialist Eric "The Natural" Kelly has often been described as a lone wolf, as he has never had an established MMA team, opting instead to hop from one gym to another.

This is rare in mixed martial arts (MMA), where most of the highly regarded world champions are forged in strong camps that bring in several great fighters.

Eric Kelly. Handout photo
MMA hardly sees any high-profile competitors building training camps around just one fighter, as it is often centered around a gym where several coaches work in conjunction with each other to train a stable of fighters of varying skills and weight classes.

"For me, I don't have a stable gym where I train at full-time. I train more naturally. Whichever gym I find myself in, that is where I train. Mostly, I just watch YouTube videos and apply it to my training and then I go to some gyms to test it out. I am in the constant search for more knowledge for my career," said Kelly.

As he prepares for his bout against Japanese veteran Kotetsu Boku in the undercard of ONE: Kings & Conquerors in Macau on August 5, Kelly finds himself in a familiar situation, as he has no specific team to formulate his game plan.

Yet even as he acknowledged that a reliable support team in his bouts is missing, Kelly fully intends to stick to the training regimen that he has gotten used to.

Source: http://news.abs-cbn.com/sports/07/19/17/eric-kelly-sticks-with-lone-wolf-style-training-ahead-of-mma-return

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