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Dustin Brown set to unleash organised chaos on Andy Murray

LONDON -- Andy Murray has been warned: organised chaos is coming to Centre Court on Wednesday.

Dustin Brown's strategy consultant has told ESPN how the Jamaican-born German's unconventional tennis -- which includes a fondness for playing drop-shots when returning serve, as well as old-school serve-and-volleying -- could stifle Murray when they meet in their second-round clash at Wimbledon.

World No. 97 Dustin Brown has the potential to upset Andy Murray at Wimbledon. Glyn Kirk/AFP/Getty Images
Brown, who defeated Rafael Nadal at the same stage of the 2015 Championships, could also target Murray's sore hip; the issue has blighted the world No. 1 and defending champion's preparations for the London Grand Slam.

"Andy would like to be the master of his domain out there and to think that what he's doing is influencing the outcome of the match. But the reality is that, if Dustin starts playing well, he's going to take the racket out of Andy's hand," said consultant Craig O'Shannessy, who was planning on meeting Brown Tuesday evening to discuss strategies.

Brown is an enigma: dreadlocks, a tongue piercing, a tattoo of his father on his rib-cage and a knack for repeatedly going for what appear to be low-percentage shots. He has all the ingredients to upset the home favourite.

"Dustin is the king at taking rhythm out of a match. For sure, he'll make some loose errors, he'll play some shots when the crowd will be thinking, 'Holy cow, what did he do that for?' But over the course of the match, Andy won't get to do what he wants to do," O'Shannessy said.

"That's going to hurt Andy's game and it's going to hurt his mind, and then emotions might take over and Andy might be thinking, 'What is Dustin going to do next?' With Dustin, it's not just what he does, but also the threat of what he might do, that makes him so dangerous."

Brown will only be encouraged by his victory over Nadal -- he also defeated former champion Lleyton Hewitt in the second round of the 2013 tournament.

"Dustin knows he can beat a top player on Centre Court -- he did it against Rafa two years ago. Andy's the No. 1 in the world and he's the defending champion, but he also hasn't been at his best and he has been carrying an injury. This is a very winnable match for Dustin," said O'Shannessy, who is also working as a strategy consultant for the Wimbledon Channel this fortnight.

"Dustin's game has the potential to aggravate Andy's injury. I don't think anyone knows with Andy exactly how bad it is, and what could happen in the match. But if he is sprinting in for 27 drop-shot returns, that could aggravate his hip.

"So that's an unknown. But, going into the match, there's going to be an awareness that the more athletic points, with more running, are going to favour Dustin."

While Murray comfortably handled the unpredictability of first-round opponent Alexander Bublik, O'Shannessy predicts Brown will bring an entirely new level.

"Dustin's game plan is going to be about shortening points, and making Andy very uncomfortable, either by pushing him way back with depth and power or pulling him forward with drop-shots, even on the return of serve," said O'Shannessy, whose role with Brown is unpaid.

"Shots that would be low percentage for everyone else on the planet aren't for Dustin because he practises them so much. Most people aren't good at drop-shot returns of serve because they've only hit about eight of them in their lives, whereas Dustin has hit about 8,000 so he can pull it off on a regular basis.

"On grass, that shot is even more effective, and especially against players who like to play forehands and backhands at the back of the court, and build points. There won't be any building for Andy."

When Brown defeated Nadal, he played a "technically correct" match and exhibited intelligent shot selection. He will have to do so again against Murray if he is to prevail.

"My job is to help organise Dustin's chaos. I would like to see it organised a little bit more. Sometimes he will come in to net and have a tough first volley, and he will try to play a drop shot," said O'Shannessy.

"But let's put that first volley deep down the middle of the court, and make Andy come up with something spectacular. Sometimes, in difficult situations, he needs to put that athleticism away for a shot of two and make Andy do something great.

"There are certain things that Andy does well. He's got one of the best backhand returns in the world, so how often do you want to go there? Andy's also very good in an ad-court to ad-court rally, backhand to backhand, so how often do we go there?

"When should Dustin serve and volley, when should he come into net, when should he hit his second serve as hard as his first serve? Those are the moments that, if Dustin gets them right, he has a real chance to win this match."

Source: http://www.espn.co.uk/tennis/story/_/id/19817104/wimbledon-2017-dustin-brown-set-unleash-organised-chaos-andy-murray

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