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Daniel Ricciardo: I won't have many friends left after Hungarian GP

HUNGARORING -- After having to settle for an underwhelming sixth on the grid in Hungary, Daniel Ricciardo is ready to get his elbows out and attack from the start of Sunday's race.

Red Bull had been tipped by many as an outsider for pole in Budapest due to the tight and twisty nature of the circuit. Ricciardo, who claimed his second career win at the Hungaroring in 2014, topped both Friday practice sessions but saw his and Red Bull's advantage disappear on Saturday as Ferrari and Mercedes stepped up.

Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull. Arpad Kurucz/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images
"It seemed like this morning there was a lot less front grip and a lot more rear grip, so we had a lot of understeer," Ricciardo said. "So we couldn't get the front tires or the front grip to work. So that was the big difference."

When asked if he was now stuck with that set-up for the race, he replied: ""The fundamentals we are stuck with. We can help it out a little bit with front wing and some tyre pressures or how we set the blankets. We are stuck with the main stuff, so we will have to manage it probably a little bit tomorrow, but I am not worried.

"If we can get track position then we can help ourselves. We will be alright, it will be a fun race. I am not convinced that I will have many friends afterwards! But that is okay."

He went on to add: "Why am I confident? Because sixth is shit and we can do better."

The Hungaroring is a notoriously difficult track to overtake on but the Australian is not going to let that stop him taking an aggressive approach.

"Because I am at the tail end of that pack I need to force my way through. We can't overtake these guys easily so for sure if I am going to move forward it will take some nice moves. I have had fun around here in the past overtaking. Some drivers are not too confident with their mirrors. This year they say that visibility is quite bad, so it gives me more of an excuse to go for it."

Though Ferrari looked dominant in Q3, both Mercedes drivers looked to be struggling with the balance of their cars and Ricciardo is frustrated he was not able to take full advantage.

"Yesterday was a good day, and I was realistic - I knew pole was not in the bag. But I thought we could definitely be strong today regardless. So I genuinely think if we got the running this morning it would have helped us out a lot.

"And even looking at the end, like the last lap, it was still a bit of a mess. We are only a tenth or something off [Lewis[ Hamilton. I am probably just as frustrated as well at that as well, that we from kind of nowhere we still got pretty close. But in the end not close enough. I think we will find a way to be quick tomorrow."

Source; http://www.espn.co.uk/f1/story/_/id/20191922/daniel-ricciardo-many-friends-left-hungarian-gp

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