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American coach tells PH track and field athletes: Dream bigger than SEA Games

Rohsaan Griffin found a career opening to coach the Philippine track and field team initially shut, but the American athletics veteran wasn’t letting a small thing such as an expiration notification stop him from getting work.

“I looked at the job posting and it was already passed, it was closed. But I’m going ahead and apply anyway,” Griffin said to himself at the time.

American athletics coach Rohsaan Griffin trains with the members of the Philippine team in Hong Kong in mid-July. “They still have enormous potential and room for growth,” Griffin says. Handout
If Filipino athletes were to train under Griffin, they needed to share a similar resolve as their coach. And that’s the message Griffin has been trying to get across his team from Day 1 — the determination to never settle.

But as the world championships veteran acknowledges, he couldn’t tell at first how quickly the new athletes under his wing, who had only known a narrower outlook on success, would take to such a philosophy.

“You could tell somebody something, but to get them to really, really understand it are two totally different things,” said Griffin, who came on board in March after being part of the coaching staff of China’s national team.

“Did I think I can do it (the job)? Of course, I thought I could do it. How big of an impact would I have in such a short time? I didn’t know because I didn’t know the level of athletes that I’ll be coaching.”

Source: http://news.abs-cbn.com/sports/07/20/17/american-coach-tells-ph-track-and-field-athletes-dream-bigger-than-sea-games

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