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Jeff Horn plans to give older Pacquiao a dose of his own medicine

Can Manny Pacquiao defy the years when he faces off with Jeff Horn, a fighter 9 years his junior?

Horn’s coach Glenn Rushton doesn’t think so.

At 38 years old, either Manny Pacquiao's experience will be to his advantage or his age will slow him down. Courtesy of Wendell Alinea
Rushton told the Courier Mail that Pacquiao will feel every bit of his age, especially in his legs, when he crosses paths with Horn.

“Manny’s legs aren’t as fast as they were 10 years ago. If he’s cut corners in his preparation, Jeff will make him pay hard for every one of those 38 years,’’ said Rushton.

Rushton said the mileage on Pacquiao will take a toll on him, and Horn will pounce on that by giving Pacquiao a dose of his own medicine — speed.

“Jeff’s a heavy puncher but the legs are the key to this fight. His legs are 29, Manny’s are 38. Jeff will be giving Manny all kinds of angles and controlling the distance between them,” he said.

Source: http://news.abs-cbn.com/sports/06/23/17/jeff-horn-plans-to-give-older-pacquiao-a-dose-of-his-own-medicine

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