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Horn family all out for Aussie pride

Brisbane, Australia – Jeff Horn’s family, from his grandparents down to his wife, is solidly behind him in his quest to become a world champion and eventually an all-time great.

Joanna Horn
Watching the proceedings during Wednesday’s presser at Suncorp Stadium, site of Horn’s crack at Manny Pacquiao’s world welterweight crown this Sunday, were grandparents Jack and Marie, parents, wife Joanna and even a toddler-nephew of the fighter.

Marie admits that nobody in the family boxed and Jeff’s decision to become a professional was met by surprise and concern for his wellbeing.

“He’s into soccer and the reason he took up boxing was he was being bullied,” said Marie, who did most of the talking as her husband was having hearing difficulties.

Like everyone in the family, wife Joanna who met Jeff when they were in high school, fell in love and got married three years ago, is genuinely concerned but is nonetheless looking forward to the fight.

“I told him that it (boxing) was just a bit dangerous,” said Joanna.

Source: http://sports.mb.com.ph/2017/06/29/horn-family-all-out-for-aussie-pride/

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