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End of Pacquiao reign is here, Horn claims

Has schoolteacher Jeff Horn made efforts to correct and improve his predictable shielding stance in time for his July 2 challenge to WBO world welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao?

It may never be known until the day of the championship if Horn and his imaginative trainer, Glenn Rushton, have found time to work on adjustments to what had been viewed as a robotic style of defense.

Manny Pacquiao.
Of course, Team Horn continued to make astounding claims on how to upset Pacquiao, to the point that hometown Pacquiao fans have started to wonder if their idol could prevail trouble-free over his unbeaten Australian challenger.

There has been no significant change in the odds for the Battle of Brisbane, heavily stacked against the younger and taller Horn. But, if it’s any sign of how his countrymen believe in Horn’s chances, tickets to the championship have almost been sold out, according to veteran promoter Bob Arum.

In fact, the Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane has reportedly requested additional seats—6,000 more—to the capacity 52,000 main venue.

“Can he? Kaya ba ni Manny?” anxious fish vendors in the Mandaluyong City wet market have started to ask. These fight fans had given Horn no chance at all against Pacquiao over two months back.

Source: http://sports.inquirer.net/253384/end-pacquiao-reign-horn-claims

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