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Aussie’s left hand deadly as his right

BRISBANE, Australia – Jeff Horn has got more than just a powerful right straight, and Manny Pacquiao better keep that in mind.

Horn’s trainer, Glenn Rushton, warned the Filipino icon that the 29-year-old challenger to his WBO welterweight title is also a two-fisted fighter.

Jeff Horn trains in a mall in Brisbane for his WBO welterweight world title bout against Manny Pacquiao on Sunday. AP
“Pacquiao might be too focused on Jeff’s right hand that he might forget his left,” the outspoken Rushton said as he supervised Horn’s public workout Thursday at a plaza across a shopping street in this city.

Horn’s camp had been emphasizing how the overhand right will play a key role against Pacquiao on Sunday at Suncorp Stadium.

It is the punch Pacquiao, a southpaw, is most vulnerable to, and it is the same blow that Juan Manuel Marquez employed to knock him out.

Horn has vowed to pull a page out of Marquez’s book when he tries to dethrone the Filipino.

Source: http://www.philstar.com/sports/2017/06/30/1714962/aussies-left-hand-deadly-his-right

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